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How to Pack for a Five Day Trip

How to Pack for a Five Day Trip

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 How to Pack for a Five Day Trip


How to Pack for a Five Day Trip

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In these days of heightened weight restrictions and airport security, packing well can become a challenge. However, with a few simple tips, you can rise to the challenge, as well as be prepared for any occasion. Read this eHow to learn more about packing well for a five day trip.

·  Take enough underwear for six days. Underwear can be washed, if necessary, in the sink, and after being wrung out and hung to dry, will be ready to wear in the morning.

·  Pack clothing that's made of fabric that's wrinkle resistant, like skirts, pants, and shirts made of polyester and rayon blends. The benefit of this fabric is that it too can be washed in the sink at night and will be dry in the morning, ready to wear. Read the label when you buy your clothing in preparation for the trip.

·  Make certain to bring a sweater or jacket that's both lightweight and warm. Also include a rain coat--possibly one of the ones that can fit into a very small bag.

·  Take one or two sets of pajamas.

·  Buy travel-sized toiletries for the trip. Thanks to the new regulations, you can no longer bring shampoo or conditioner on the plane. If you are staying at a hotel, you will find some toiletries there. Remember your toothpaste and toothbrush, as these will probably not be provided.

·  Fold your clothing, then roll each item into a cylinder when packing. You can even do this with your socks. In this way you can pack all of your clothing and toiletries into a carry-on bag, thus lessening the risk of losing your luggage.

·  Consider silk garments if traveling in winter. Anything made of silk--underwear, long underwear, shirts, sweaters, socks, and silk shirts--are great insulators, and pack more tightly than bulkier garments made of wool.

·  Bring something to read or listen to. Paperback books might be the better choice than hard-back books, but as you packed your clothing so tightly, you may have extra room in your bag.

·  Try to choose shoes that go along with most of your outfits so you don't have to pack more than three pairs. Make certain that one pair of these shoes are ones that are able to handle inclement weather.


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